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Currently in Bloom

  • Fuchsia 'Army Nurse'

    Fuchsia 'Army Nurse'

    A profusion of red flowers with violet corollas grace this hardy Fuchsia from early summer until hard frost. A real trooper with a shapely form that attracts hummingbirds galore!  

  • Fuchsia 'Chillerton Beauty'

    Fuchsia 'Chillerton Beauty'

    Lovely 2" pendulous flowers with pink sepals and deep violet corollas, show from early summer until hard frost. The flowers are very attractive to hummingbirds and the gray-green foliage adds further interest.

  • Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Burgundy'

    Gaillardia x grandiflora 'Burgundy'

    Deep wine to rusty-red flowers attract attention in late summer. Deadhead to promote bloom. Colorful and easy to grow, it tolerates poor soils and dry conditions. Wonderful for cut bouquets!

  • Gaura 'Pink Fountains'

    Gaura 'Pink Fountains'

    New growth emerges red, with good branching, staying nice and compact. It displays tons of soft pink flowers in summer, which attract lots of butterflies!

  • Hebe x franciscana 'Lobelioides'

    Hebe x franciscana 'Lobelioides'

    Rich violet purple flowers bloom in dense 3" spikes in summer. The rounded, glossy foliage forms a compact, elegant shrub.

  • Lavandula angustifolia 'Betty Blue'

    Lavandula angustifolia 'Betty Blue'

    An English Lavender that's excellent for fresh cut flowers or for drying. The deep blue-violet flowers have a dark purple calyx with a violet corolla. The flowers are somewhat taller than the species.

  • Lavandula stoechas 'Madrid Blue'

    Lavandula stoechas 'Madrid Blue'

    Aromatic foliage can be used for culinary purposes and for mixed containers in spring and summer. Vibrant lavender-blue flowers with white "wings".

  • Talinum calycinum

    Talinum calycinum

    Purple-pink flowers on 10" stalks, open in the afternoon, May to September. Nice 4" succulent rosettes are perfect for the rockery. An American native!

  • Abutilon 'Challo'

    Abutilon 'Challo'

    Gorgeous pendulous flowers are deep golden-yellow with a broad dark maroon eye. Each petal flares widely and is often pleated, fluted and ruffled! Blooms spring to fall.

  • Abutilon Lucky Lantern Yellow*

    Abutilon Lucky Lantern Yellow*

    Sister to Lucky Lantern Red. Produces yellow bell-shaped blooms all season--year 'round in warmer climates. A dwarf cultivar that is very well-suited to container gardening.

  • Cotinus Young Lady

    Cotinus Young Lady

    This young lady is a beauty, bearing rounded light green leaves, turning bright yellow in fall. Frothy pink blooms cover the plant entirely from early summer until Frost! Tolerant of poor soils.

  • Magnolia x loebneri Leonard Messel

    Magnolia x loebneri Leonard Messel