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Currently in Bloom

  • Iberis sempervirens 'Purity'

    Iberis sempervirens 'Purity'

    Large white flower clusters cover glossy deep green foliage for months in spring. A carefree evergreen accent, perfect for massing or for the rockery.

  • Parahebe catarractae

    Parahebe catarractae

    Small evergreen sub-shrub with simple, toothed leaves and small saucer-shaped, white flowers in loose racemes in spring and summer.

  • Veronica 'Waterperry Blue'

    Veronica 'Waterperry Blue'

    Profuse sky-blue flowers bloom in spring and intermittently through summer on this low-growing creeper. An excellent evergreen groundcover, the foliage turns bronzy in winter for added interest.

  • Viola 'Columbine'

    Viola 'Columbine'

    Delicately tie-dyed violet and white Violas are lightly fragrant with nice stems for cutting. A wonderful long-blooming and low maintenance selection for spring. Semi-evergreen

  • Erysimum 'Poem Lilac'

    Erysimum 'Poem Lilac'

    Deep burgundy buds turn into a profusion of medium sized, sweetly scented lilac-purple flowers, from spring through early summer. It has an even, compact growth habit.

  • Erysimum Winter Joy

    Erysimum Winter Joy

    A long-flowering variety for full sun or partial shade. Produces spikes of bright purple flowers from spring through summer. 'Winter Joy' is deer resistant.

  • Leucanthemum x superbum 'Darling Daisy'

    Leucanthemum x superbum 'Darling Daisy'

    Very dwarf, with pure white petals and yellow centers held on sturdy stems above clumps of dark green foliage. Blooms from late spring to fall! Ideal for perennial borders and containers.

  • Pansy 'Matrix Mix Blotch'

    Pansy 'Matrix Mix Blotch'

    Mixture of blue, ocean, red, white and yellow blotch pansies bloom in fall and early spring. They have a robust and strong habit. Great in containers, baskets, or the front of the border.

  • Pansy Halloween II

    Pansy Halloween II

    A great mix of orange of black for the Halloween season. Halloween 2 has all of the gore with twice the whimsy. A must for the fall plantings.

  • Lavandula 'Sentivia Blue'

    Lavandula 'Sentivia Blue'

    Tall spikes of very fragrant, violet-blue flowers held well about foliage for up to several months beginning in summer. Its compact habit and grey-green foliage make it ideal for containers and garden beds alike!