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Currently in Bloom

  • Arabis caucasica 'Variegata'

    Arabis caucasica 'Variegata'

    Striking emerald and cream, felted evergreen leaves are topped with pure white flowers in spring. The late season foliage is very attractive. A collector's plant.

  • Fragaria chiloensis

    Fragaria chiloensis

    Glossy-leaved, evergreen groundcover that is tolerant of many different conditions. Simple white flowers in spring are followed by edible red berries. A PNW native.

  • Geum x coccineum 'Fire Lake'

    Geum x coccineum 'Fire Lake'

    This upright-growing perennial has large 6" leaves and vivid, red-orange flowers that rise on tall stems. Great for rock gardens. Deadhead to promote second blooming.  

  • Lavandula angustifolia 'Bowles'

    Lavandula angustifolia 'Bowles'

    Spikes of lavender flowers and aromatic gray-green foliage make this herb a standout in the garden. Maintains a tidy rounded habit.

  • Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum'

    Polygonatum odoratum 'Variegatum'

    Fragrant, white flowers top arching stems of silver-edged leaves in spring. This woodland favorite has a creeping habit that is simply stunning when it forms a colony. A "Great Plant Pick" for the Pacific Northwest.

  • Viola 'Molly Sanderson'

    Viola 'Molly Sanderson'

    Unique velvety black flowers with vivid yellow centers make this cultivar stand out in any garden or container. Blooms from late winter through spring.

  • Waldsteinia fragarioides

    Waldsteinia fragarioides

    Sunny yellow flowers are scattered over strawberry-like, evergreen foliage. A tough, mat-forming groundcover that tolerates a wide variety of conditions. Inedible berries in summer.

  • Lewisia x longipetala 'Little Mango'

    Lewisia x longipetala 'Little Mango'

    Small, evergreen rosettes of large, succulent leaves become covered by clusters of yellow-orange mango colored blooms in spring. Excellent in containers, the border or a rock garden.

  • Thunbergia alata 'African Sunset'

    Thunbergia alata 'African Sunset'

    A combination of cream, apricot and shades of maroon-red flowers with a dark eye define this vine. A great fence or trellis climber, but if left without support can become an extensive groundcover. A prolific and dynamic bloomer.

  • Cypripedium 'Michael'

    Cypripedium 'Michael'

    Hybrid of C. macranthos x C. henryi. Variable in color range from a lovely rich purple-red with darker venation to possibly a soft creamy yellow or even a light pink! Flowers are large and wide with a slightly corrugated lip. Prefers a lightly shaded area and a cool, moist, rich soil.

  • Abutilon Lucky Lantern Yellow*

    Abutilon Lucky Lantern Yellow*

    Sister to Lucky Lantern Red. Produces yellow bell-shaped blooms all season--year 'round in warmer climates. A dwarf cultivar that is very well-suited to container gardening.