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Currently in Bloom

  • Aruncus 'Misty Lace'

    Aruncus 'Misty Lace'

    Dainty, creamy-white flower panicles in May and June, top fern-like green leaves and red stems. The clump-forming foliage has an upright habit, but is shorter and more compact than the species.

  • Geranium x riversleaianum 'Mavis Simpson'

    Geranium x riversleaianum 'Mavis Simpson'

    Silky, silvery leaves and soft pink flowers weave nicely through adjacent plants. A "Great Plant Pick" for the Pacific Northwest!

  • Geranium sanguineum 'Elke'

    Geranium sanguineum 'Elke'

    Silver dollar-sized flowers of fluorescent pink with white ex bloom from May until fall. Forms a low-mound of deeply dissected foliage. Great edging plant due to compact nature. Bronzy-red fall foliage.

  • Calibrachoa 'MiniFamous Double Purple'

    Calibrachoa 'MiniFamous Double Purple'

    Double magenta-purple trailing Calibrachoa. Vibrant blooms all summer. Looks great paired with chartreuse and whites!

  • Agapanthus  'Brilliant Blue'

    Agapanthus 'Brilliant Blue'

    A compact, semi-evergreen African Lily bears bright blue flowers on strong stems in mid-summer. Reaches 1-2' in height and makes a great container plant or in the front of the mixed border.

  • Calibrachoa  'Hula Hot Pink'

    Calibrachoa 'Hula Hot Pink'

    Bicolored flowers of hot pink with burgundy centers give this Calibrachoa eye popping appeal! A great addition to color combinations in containers or hanging baskets or as a single specimen.

  • Calibrachoa  'Can-Can Magenta Kiss'

    Calibrachoa 'Can-Can Magenta Kiss'

    Gorgeous magenta blooms each sport a dark purple eye which adds to the allure of this Calibrachoa. Stunning when planted with bright green and chartreuse leaved plants!

  • Lantana  'Lucky Red'

    Lantana 'Lucky Red'

    Vibrant red flowers produced in abundance on this compact and well branched Lantana! Holds up extremely during the hottest days in summer! Perfect for containers and hanging baskets in full sun!

  • Cistus x bornetianus  'Jester'

    Cistus x bornetianus 'Jester'

    An attractive evergreen shrub for xeric and other low water gardens. 'Jester' has gray-green rounded leaves and produces lovely medium pink blooms with slightly crinkled petals. Needs very well drained soil and minimal water during the summer.

  • Osteospermum  'KLEOE13209'

    Osteospermum 'KLEOE13209'

    Large orange single daisies with russet red centers add warm earth tones to sun beds, borders, and containers. Sturdy plants are well branched and hold up during the summer heat and drought.

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