Retail Ready Pre-Pricing

Blooming Nursery offers "Retail-Ready" Pre-Pricing for all our finished material!

  • Plants immediately ready for selling!
  • No need for Sales staff to price product!
  • Sales staff available to "Sell", increasing sales opportunities!
  • Speeds check-out & eliminate cashier confusion!
  • You choose what product type & size you want pre-priced. Just a select few or everything!

Program Overview

You will receive an email containing products in an Excel spreadsheet. The email will include all the information required and explain "how-to" complete the spreadsheet. You will need to have Microsoft Excel & email capability in order to complete the process. The spreadsheet will include only those product sizes you want pre-priced.

Included will be your Blooming Nursery pricing to assist you in making your retail pricing decisions. Additional information provided will be our List Price, your Annual Volume Discount- based upon your prior years purchase volume, and the Order Quantity per Shipment Discount- based on the size of your shipment. Just fill-in the appropriate columns based on your tag preference. Once you have entered all necessary information, and reviewed it thoroughly, send it back to us via email. Once we have the information in our system, we will send you back a report to verify. If there are errors, changes, or other concerns, please make corrections and re-send excel back to us. We will update our system immediately.

To enroll in our "Retail-Ready" Pre-Pricing Program, please contact your Blooming Sales Representative.

Choose from six(6) tag formats

  • 1

    Standard Format

    Retail Price, UPC, Company Name & City, Size, & Botanical Name
    Standard Format Stick Tag
  • 2

    Standard Format with SKU as text

    Retail Price, UPC, SKU, Company Name & City, Size, & Botanical Name
    Standard Format with SKU StickerStandard Format with SKU Stick Tag
  • 3

    No Barcode Format or Price Only Format

    Retail Price, Company Name & City, Size, & Botanical Name
    Price Only Format StickerPrice Only Format Stick Tag
  • 4

    No Price Format

    UPC, Company Name & City, Size, & Botanical Name
    No Price Format StickerNo Price Format Stick Tag
  • 5

    SKU as Barcode Format

    Retail Price, SKU as Barcode, Company Name & City, Size, & Botanical Name
    SKU as Barcode Format StickerSKU as Barcode Format Stick Tag
  • 6

    SKU as Text Format

    Retail Price, SKU as Text, Company Name & City, Size, & Botanical Name
    SKU as Text Format StickerSKU as Text Format Stick Tag

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