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  • Geranium collinum 'Nimbus'

    Geranium collinum 'Nimbus'

    This very heavy bloomer has rich lavender-blue blossoms with pale centers. The dissected foliage is chartreuse when young and forms a nice clump. A sterile hybrid, it will not self-sow.

  • Helianthemum 'Raspberry Ripple'

    Helianthemum 'Raspberry Ripple'

    Deep rose and white, bi-color flowers on wiry stems are held above narrow silvery foliage in late spring to summer. This drought tolerant perennial makes an attractive evergreen groundcover when planted in groups.

  • Carex flacca 'Blue Zinger'

    Carex flacca 'Blue Zinger'

    Tufted bluish-gray foliage spreads slowly, forming a short, blue evergreen carpet. This versatile little grass does just fine in either moist or dry shade to part shade, but works well in full sun as is drought tolerant once established.

  • Geranium 'Pink Penny'

    Geranium 'Pink Penny'

    This exceptional geranium has rose-pink flowers with dark purple veins that bloom repeatedly from June until frost! It has a lax, somewhat spreading habit.

  • Delosperma Table Mountain┬« (`John Proffitt')

    Delosperma Table Mountain® (`John Proffitt')

    Fast spreading groundcover with thick, succulent leaves topped by small, fuchsia colored, daisy-like blooms all summer.

  • Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem'

    Sorbaria sorbifolia 'Sem'

    Fern-like leaves unfurl in stunning shades of pinkish red along deep pink stems in spring. By mid-summer they are solid green but topped with large sprays of creamy white flowers. This plant can spread so plant where it is allowed to.

  • Sedum anglicum 'Love's Triangle'

    Sedum anglicum 'Love's Triangle'

    Tiny, powder blue leaves are topped by pale pink blooms late spring to early summer. Excellent plant for the rock garden or between stepping stones.

  • Portulaca 'Samba Pink Bicolor'

    Portulaca 'Samba Pink Bicolor'

    Excellent in a hanging basket or in the garden, the large bicolor white and pink flowers are super showy over the succulent foliage. Loves the heat and sun!

  • Thunbergia gregorii

    Thunbergia gregorii

    Bold orange-throated blooms appear in late spring and last through fall on this vigorous vine that grows to 8-10 ft tall, or if left without support can become an extensive groundcover. Plant in full sun and water occasionally.

  • Zantedeschia 'Coastal Gold'

    Zantedeschia 'Coastal Gold'

    Spotted foliage with bright yellow cup shaped blooms spring to fall. Remove spent blooms to encourage re-bloom. Great for cutting!

  • Vaccinium angustifolium

    Vaccinium angustifolium

    Excellent choice for patio containers. This dwarf blueberry produces abundance of sweet fruit mid summer and attracts bees